Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Continuing with the family histories found in Gene Williams’ Hurrah for Morgan Mill, the Neb Forster family is next.  The account in the book is written by Raeford Evans, whose wife Jeri is daughter of Neb and Onah.  Jeb Wiley Forster (1881-1964) and Onah Elva Gaither (1880-1965) were wed at Morgan Mill.  Both were natives of Erath County and each of them was born within ten miles of the place where they spent their entire married life.  Neb was born in a log cabin which still stands today on the Clay Ranch.  Onah’s father owned and operated a general merchandise store and cotton gin at Morgan Mill.  Neb was among the first group of students to attend the newly established Tarleton College.  Neb and Onah’s second daughter Jeraldyne (Jeri) (1923-2017) wrote the history of the Morgan Mill Tabernacle in order to get its historical marker. 

John Wesley Gaither was a well-respected and influential citizen of Morgan Mill from 1890 to 1920.  He was killed when he was thrown from his buggy by a runaway horse.  He owned the grist mill and gin for several years.  He married Chloe Alabama Cox (1852-1938) and raised nine children. 

John Ed Gold family lived west of Morgan Mill near the Sap Oak community, where Ed farmed and raised his family.  He married Sallie (1874-1964) and raised seven children. 

Bryon and Bunyan Green families came to Morgan Mill in a covered wagon.  Samuel Franklin Green, Bryon and Bunyan’s father, was hauling freight through Erath County, with him were six children.  His wife had died the previous year.  Green stopped for the night at the W R. Killian’s place and Mrs. Killian persuaded Samuel to leave the five year old twins with Mrs. Killian’s relatives, the Eph Smiths, who had no children.  The boys remained in Morgan Mill raising their families on land inherited from E. P. Smith.  Bryon Green (1879-1940) married Tinne David (1887-1974) and raised five children.  Bunyan Green (1879-1962) married Lorena Davis (1883-1979) and raised ten children. 

There will be more families to come in future “Milling Arounds.” Saturday, Jan. 13, is the first Morgan Mill breakfast of the New Year.  Ricky Koonce is doing a great job in giving us all the bacon, sausage, biscuits, pancakes, and eggs that we can eat.  Come and enjoy with your neighbor.  There will probably be lots of winter stories to tell.  Remember from 7 until 9.