As businesses continue to prepare for opening in Prosper, requests for variances to the current sign ordinance continue to dominate town council meetings. Requests center mostly around the size, length of time and number of the approved signs for opening businesses.

Mayor Ray Smith discussed the potential for town council and staff to work together in order to establish more flexibility.

“The biggest issue is that retailers want to drive traffic to their stores,” Smith said. “So do I; that helps everybody. We want to be able to be flexible and business-friendly. We may have to amend the ordinance to adopt flexibility.”

The meeting earlier this month saw two businesses requesting variances, Tribute Senior Living and Lakewood Subdivision. Tribute Senior Living returned to council to request that their current temporary signs be allowed despite their classification as wood frame signs.

“I think they are vital to our survival and to our pre-enrollment,” said Tribute Senior Living spokesperson Charles Hodges. “When you open a $10 million facility, you better have some pre-enrollment or you will be in the bag very quickly.”

Council approved the temporary signs with the understanding that they are to be removed once the permanent monument sign is in place.

Lakewood Subdivision’s request for a sign variance was centered around its unique position within the larger Brookhollow development. Because Lakewood is set back into the community, it requested an allowance to place a sign at the entry to the community on Brookhollow’s property.

“Because this is a 1,200-acre community, there are multiple neighborhoods within the community,” Aaron Richards, representative for both Brookhollow and Lakewood, said. “Lakewood is the first of the neighborhoods. It is very important to us as we get off the ground for people to understand that there is Lakewood within Brookhollow.”

Council approved Lakewood’s request with the exception that a time limit be placed on the temporary sign.

A special use permit was also approved for a day care center at the southwest corner of Hays Road and Highpoint Drive. The day care center will be adjacent to Little Lighthouse Preschool in Prosper.