Following their previous appearance at the July 25 Town Council meeting, an item was added to agenda for the Aug. 8 meeting to address the road repair situation at Acacia Parkway. An ordinance amending the Budget and Capital Improvement Plan was proposed to add funding to this year’s budget to begin work on the Acacia Parkway repairs. The budget increase would allot an estimated $1.2 million towards the Acacia Parkway project and First Street projects.

The meeting was packed with Windsong Residents waiting their turn to speak. A line formed extending through as the space was standing room only. The residents voiced their gratitude for the initial budget addition in combination with their concerns at the insufficiency of the funds for the project.

“The fact that so many Windsong Ranch residents are here tonight is not surprising,” said David Blom, Terra Verde developers representative. “The issue is about two years old. We have answered as many questions as we can. So the residents have formed their own groups to get answers. Our residents love their community and have passion to pursue information through all sorts of avenues.”

Residents expressed their frustration at the lack of progress the improvements have suffered. Fourteen residents spoke at the meeting to give voice to the community’s concerns. In addition, they explained the deprecation in value that they felt their homes have suffered as well as the danger the deteriorating roads pose to their families.

“I know that we are looking to approve budgets for new stadiums and new schools,” said Windsong resident Lauren Vega. “And so, they are going to need people to fill those schools. We are one of the largest communities in Prosper. My hope is that this can be resolved. $1.1 million isn’t enough.”

“The key word to think about through this issue is community,” continued resident Donald Perry. “When we signed up to move to Prosper, instead of Frisco or other communities, we loved that you had the foresight to develop a community that integrated residents, outdoor activities and a town that’s growing. The reason why I see the need for this road repair is pure safety.”

“I have been shocked at the road conditions in the community,” said resident Darla Atchley. “I don’t know how many of you drive down Acacia but I can be almost thrown out of my golfcart by the giant bumps in the road. We need action and we needed it two years ago.”

Council approved the ordinance amending the Budget and Capital Improvement plan to provide funding for the Acacia Parkway Project. They assured residents that this initial funding is only the start. As next year’s budget is approved, additional funding will be considered to help complete the necessary roadwork.