At last week’s meeting, Prosper Town Council voted to establish a homestead tax exemption of 10 percent, an increase from the previous 7.5 percent. The 10 percent homestead exemption will decrease property tax revenue by $335,581 for the town but will help homeowners save on their property taxes.

Council also approved an ordinance that authorizes the issuance and sale of “Town of Prosper Texas, Combination Tax and Surplus Revenue Certificates of Obligation.” Proceeds from the sale of the certificates will help to fund such improvements as the new Town Hall, parks and recreation facilities, various utility projects and fees associated with these projects.

Improvements to the Frontier Park Soccer Field facilities were postponed by the council at the recommendation of staff in order to avoid interference with the fall soccer schedule. Improvements will be reevaluated next summer in order to help alleviate drainage issues that are currently causing both short- and long-term damage to the fields.

“We are concerned right now with being able to get it done without it impacting the fall schedule,” Parks and Recreation Direction Dudley Raymond said. “So what we’re recommending is to go forward with it next summer. The multipurpose fields will be ready by then so that if there is any shuffling that needs to occur, there is a little bit of breathing room.”

Several amendments were approved to the permitted uses and definitions of the zoning ordinance to better clarify the definition of a restaurant as well as auto sales. These town initiated changes will allow town staff more discretion with zoning applicants.

The Town Council continues to work toward its goal of maintaining a visually appealing town amidst the flurry of growth and development. With this, came two facade exception requests from different businesses. The first request, from the new Dick’s Sporting Goods/Field and Stream that will be located at the northwest corner of 380 and Lovers Lane, was in response to an unanticipated construction issue.

“I’m not exactly sure how we got into this predicament,” said Scott Shipp from Blue Star Land. “Given the circumstances of the elevation changes of the site, screening the equipment would add on significantly. We believe that the proposed screening will be superior for screening material and quality.”

Council approved the exception, in keeping with its history of taking things on a case-by-case basis. This allows them to consider the impact that each exception has on the town and vote accordingly. An exception for the Bryant’s addition on the northwest corner of Church Street and First Street was also approved. This allows the developer to use a decorative limestone plaster applied to a lath system and hand troweled on instead of traditional stone on the exterior of the building.