By Lindy Keyser

Special to the Press

Prosper’s first rain barrel seminar made such a splash that residents asked for a repeat performance. The second class drew a crowd of approximately 25 and each attendee went home with their own 55-gallon rain barrel.

"These classes are all about educating the residents as much as possible," said Water Conservation Education Coordinator, Tristan Cisco. "We don’t just focus on building a rain barrel, we do a history of why there is a water shortage so they understand where we’re at with water conservation and why it is important."

Last week’s barrel-building seminar was the fourth in a series of classes presented in conjunction with the Texas A&M Agri-Life program. Participants learned the benefits of capturing rainwater for irrigation as well as the effects of storm water on the environment.

The next seminar is set for Monday, Oct. 14 at 6:30 p.m. and will focus on the importance of composting.

"Composting improves your soil’s nutrients and provides water retention so it is able to hold more moisture," Cisco said. "Our next class will teach all about composting methods."

October’s seminar will likely be the last of the season. The town plans to switch its focus to the new Block Leader Program until spring, when more seminars are on the agenda.

"Through the summer and fall we have hosted all of our seminars at the Prosper Community Library, but in the spring we’re hoping to move them outdoors to somewhere like Frontier Park."

To learn more about the Water Conservation Seminars, contact Tristan Cisco at, and register for the Composting Seminar at

"Every person who comes is surprised by the information that they get," Cisco said. "I definitely encourage checking out a class one night and keeping a look out on our website for updates."