By Rodney Hays


At the last council meeting, Prosper Mayor Ray Smith read a proclamation declaring the month of September "Clothe a Child Month" and signed up to be an honorary chair of this years Clothe a Child campaign. Smith joins the mayors of Celina and Little Elm in supporting this cause.

"We’re extremely excited to have the mayors of three of the towns in which our program operates come aboard as honorary chairs and as prime advocates of the program," said John Taylor, Area Director of the charitable organization.

The Town Councils of all three cities have passed the proclamations announcing their support and making September Clothe a Child month. The program also operates in Frisco, and Mayor Maher Maso has agreed to serve in the honorary capacity. The Frisco City Council will consider a similar proclamation in the near future.

Clothe a Child is a non-profit organization, made up entirely of volunteers, which seeks to meet the clothing needs of disadvantaged students in Kindergarten through eighth grade in the Frisco, Celina, Prosper and Little Elm Independent School Districts through a partnership with KOHL’s of Frisco. Clothe a Child solicits volunteers from the target communities to assist students and their families shop for school and winter clothing on designated Saturday mornings in October. The students are identified through the free or reduced lunch program at the four school districts.

Funding for the $100 per student clothing stipend is obtained through donations from area churches, businesses, school organizations, scout troops, and individual gifts.

"Our goal is to raise enough funding to serve 3,000 children from the four school districts. We’re also shooting for 2,000 volunteers to assist during the three events," said Taylor.

This year, students and their families from the Frisco ISD will visit KOHL’s of Frisco on Saturday, Oct. 5. Then, on Saturday, Oct. 12, additional students from Frisco and those from the Prosper and Celina ISDs will get an opportunity to shop. And, finally, on Saturday, Oct. 26, students and families from the Little Elm ISD will be hosted at the store.

Taylor said the group still needs help to raise the money to purchase the clothing for the kids and about 2,000 volunteers will be needed to shop with the families at the events.

The three mayors have offered their support of the program and have pledged to serve as advocates for the non-profit, which uses 100 percent of gathered donations toward the clothing purchases.

More information on the program, as well as instructions on how to donate and volunteer, is available at

In other business:

n A presentation was made by a member of the Prosper Community Library Ad Hoc Committee, which was preceded by a video. The principal speaker commented that library use is increasing at a faster rate than the growth of the Town, and asked the Council to move the construction of a free-standing library up on the list of Town priorities and to appoint a visioning committee for the library. A second speaker addressed the Council and expressed support of a free-standing library to counter the effects of a library dependent on the school in which the current library is co-located. A final speaker offered support for the construction of a library.

n The council approved the consent agenda, including resolution No. 13-46, which authorized an interlocal agreement between Town of Prosper and Town of Little Elm for the Reduction and Release of Designated Portions of the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of the Town of Prosper’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, and the Town Council’s consent to same.

n The council hosted a public hearing to consider and act upon a request to rezone 0.5 acres, located on the north side of First Street, west of Craig Road (705 E. First Street) from Single Family-15 to Downtown Office.

Development Director Chris Copple briefed the Council on this item. There were no speakers on this topic during the public hearing. Council approved the request unanimously.

n The council held a discussion on the council’s strategic goal: Develop a plan to accommodate growth in youth sports and Town recreation program.

Parks and Recreation Manager Will Mitchell presented this item and used a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate the pros and cons of 1) Sports Commissioner model and 2) Sports Board of Directors model. The Council then entered into a lengthy discussion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each model. The experience of several area cities and towns with one or the other of the two models were presented and discussed. Council asked staff to delve further into this issue and return with a recommendation.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m. The mayor and all council members were present at the meeting.