From Staff Reports

Prosper’s Parks and Recreation Department has opened registration for the Town’s first adult softball league with the inaugural season slated to open on Monday, Sept. 9, according to Parks and Recreation Manager Will Mitchell.

"We’ve been listening to the residents’ wishes and desires as they relate to recreational opportunities, and

establishing an adult softball program kept coming up. So, we put some internal resources behind the effort and are now ready to launch the league," he said.

For the initial season, there will be two nights of softball at the fields at Frontier Park. Monday evenings will be

reserved for an adult co-recreational league, while Thursday nights are set aside for a men’s open league. The co-

recreational (co-rec) league is composed of teams in which half the players on the field are female and half are male. Specific rules apply to the batting order, the size of the ball and other aspects in co-rec. Managers and players who field teams in the co-rec league should become familiar with these peculiarities.

Depending on the entries, the men’s league will either be an open league or a church league or both. An open

league allows players of all skill levels to play. In the future, as facilities allow, a more structured categorization of

players and their skill levels will be implemented to ensure that competition is more evenly matched.

"Also, we’re talking about developing a church league in the men’s and possibly co-rec categories. In a church

league, which is more recreational and less competitive, teams would represent their houses of worship and use the league to build community and increase fellowship," said Mitchell.

Registration for the fall 2013 season, which starts on Sept. 9, is open until Aug. 30 and requires a team to fill out

a number of forms, including a roster of players. And, while the leagues are based in Prosper, players are not required to be Prosper residents.

A registration fee of $350 per team is required, which covers the cost of field maintenance, lights, umpires,

record-keeping, awards and general administration of the leagues. Teams must provide their own softballs and are required to wear similar colored jerseys.

Forms may be downloaded from under the Parks and Recreation page in the "Departments"

tab of the home page.

Players will compete in an eight-game season, followed by a playoffs for the top four teams.

"We’re hoping to attract at least six teams per league, to make it a true league. If we can get more teams, of

course, we welcome that and will make the appropriate accommodations," he said.