By Rodney K. Hays


The Prosper Town Council recently approved an amended memorandum of understanding between the Town of Prosper and the Prosper ISD police departments.

The item approved at the June 25 council meeting goes into more detail about some of the roles and responsibilities between the two department in critical incident responses.

A memorandum of understanding is required by law with municipal police and school district police departments overlap jurisdictions.

According to information given to the council by the police department, "he Town of Prosper Police Department (Prosper PD) primary jurisdiction is defined as, ‘any area within the incorporated boundaries of the Town of Prosper and other areas within the State of

Texas as defined by law.’"

PISD’s primary jurisdiction has been defined by the PISD school board as "any territory within the boundaries of the school district and all property that is outside the boundaries of the district that is owned,

controlled, leased, or rented by the district."

Both agencies said they agrees that community and school safety are the ultimate goal and that both departments will take a team approach to any law enforcement.

In addition:

n Town of Prosper will provide dispatch services.

n Both agencies agree that they will provide support services (back-up) for officers when requested and resources are available.

n Both agencies agree that, in the event of a major incident, "Incident Command System" (ICS) procedures will be used. The agency that provides the most significant resources will be in command of the incident. Both agencies agree that in the event of a major incident that each agency will be represented in the "command center" and input will be considered before action is taken, unless circumstances demand an immediate action.

n Both agencies agree to share information on criminal activity and juvenile arrest, as appropriate and directed by state and federal law, for the purposes of school and community safety. Both agencies agree the information will be considered "confidential" and "need to

know" only.

n Agencies agree to communicate with each other in advance, as deemed appropriate and within the scope of law enforcement related functions and in accordance with any associated operational guidelines or policies, when there is significant police activity affecting schools

and/or the community.

n Both parties agree to participate in yearly coordinated drills as required by state statute. The event will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time so that all parties can exact the most benefit from the exercise. Both parties agree to be involved in the planning, funding, and implementation process.

n Prosper ISD agrees to provide transportation and facility services to the Prosper community in the event of a large scale disaster. Priority will be given to the school and student community in the event of such disaster.

n Both parties agree to notify and provide training opportunities to officers of each department when they are available. The cost of such training, if any, will be the responsibility of the recipient’s department.

n Both parties also agree that should there be an investigation involving a Prosper ISD student, faculty or staff member that originates within the Town of Prosper and/or is under the primary jurisdiction of the Prosper police, that Prosper police shall continue the investigation until its completion. During the course of such an investigation, Prosper police will keep Prosper ISD police apprised of the investigation as necessary, as the Town of Prosper police will maintain oversight of such an investigation regardless of the location. An investigation initiated by the Prosper ISD police.

shall be investigated by the PISD police. until its completion and during the course of such an investigation, PISD police will keep Prosper police apprised of said investigation, as the Prosper ISD police shall maintain oversight of investigation regardless of the location.

n Both parties also agree that incidents pertaining to Truancy; Parent Contributing to NonAttendance, and Failure to Attend School will be handled strictly by the Prosper ISD police unless assistance is required by the Prosper police.

n Both parties agree that any incident involving an active shooter will require the Prosper police to be the primary jurisdiction with the assistance of the Prosper ISD police and any other agency that may be required in the course of the incident. The command center for such incident will be initiated and operated by the Prosper police with the assistance of the Prosper ISD police.

In other business by the Council:

n The council agreed to issue bonds.

According to documents prepared by town manager Harlan Jefferson to present at the council meeting, "The purpose of this refunding is to refinance debt from 2004 and 2012 issuances."

In refunding the 2012 general obligation bonds, the re-issuance is put in place to meet the seller’s request to close the purchase transaction of the Sexton Farms land prior to December 31, 2012, and to fund the full purchase price at closing, the Town authorized First Southwest Company — the towns’s financial advisors — to conduct a private sale of taxable general obligation bonds (short-term) in the principal amount of $3.8 million having a maximum term of 16 months. The bonds include a call provision whereby beginning Feb. 13, the Town had the option to refund said issue in order to extend

the term of the bond issue as originally contemplated in the Town’s plan for long-term financing of parks and recreation projects as authorized by the voters in 2011.

The 2004 certificates of obligation was originally issued for $10.5 million to fund a variety of projects around Prosper such as a new town hall, fire stations, police and court facilities, along with other construction projects, including water infrastructure.

Because the Town is proposing to refund debt from 2004 and 2012, no additional ongoing costs will be incurred. The approval of the refunding will reduce the interest cost on the 2004 debt and restructure the timeframe in which the 2012 debt will be repaid.