The beginning of September marked one of the worst storms to hit the state of Texas. The coast was blasted by Hurricane Harvey as it ravaged through entire cities along the Gulf, while Houston and the surrounding areas experienced major flooding. Hundreds of families lost homes, personal belongings and even family members.

But in the weeks that followed the devastation, rather than mourn what they lost, the state of Texas banded together in the time of need. Truckloads of donations filled the highways, and tons of people herded down to both the Houston and South Texas area to aid their local Texans in clean-up and restoration. Even prominent public figures, such as the Houston Texan’s defensive end JJ Watt and actor Kevin Hart, rallied together to raise millions of dollars for the victims of Harvey, and for a moment, things appeared to be okay.

Three weeks later, and those same cities are still struggling to get back to normal life as many families are still without homes and are in desperate need of basic living essentials, such as clothes and toiletries.

So, the Lady Eagles softball team decided to make a difference for those victims by volunteering their weekend to help serve those in the Houston community.

Head softball coach Staci Jackson and her team traveled out to Grace Bridge in Celina on Saturday, Sept. 16 to help aid in the Harvey Relief organization. Coaches, players and their families spent several hours moving clothing from collection trucks into a semi truck that would then deliver the items down to the Houston area.

“We had awesome assembly lines where the girls and coaches used their softball throwing skills to get bags and boxes into the 18-wheeler,” Jackson said.

In fact, the assembly lines were so efficient that Carter Morris, the CEO of Grace Bridge, said that the amount of work the team did in three hours would have taken his staff at least a week to complete.

In addition to working in the truck, the softball families also donated toiletry items, such as bath soap, shampoo and conditioner, toothbrushes and feminine products to be taken to victims as well.

Jackson has always been proud of the way the girls conduct themselves on and off the field. She knows the impact that a student athlete can make and praised her girls for stepping up and being leaders in the community.

“’Student athlete’ is a phrase commonly used in today’s society. We see this phrase in newspapers and on television, but we often do not value the power possessed by a student athlete,” she said. “Student athletes make contributions in the classroom, on the playing field, and more importantly in the community. The status held by a student athlete can help make positive contributions to the surrounding community through transferring the knowledge and discipline learned in school and during sports.”

Aside from their volunteer work, the Lady Eagles are currently underway with fall ball. They will continue their scrimmages on Tuesday, Sep. 26 at 5:30 p.m. against Frisco High.