Team NTA-Prosper recently competed at the national level in taekwondo. NTA-Prosper consists of a number of students ages 4-18 who practice Olympic-style sparring at their school on Dylan Drive in Prosper.

The students compete in various local tournaments throughout the year. Each spring the team competes at the state level. If the students medal at state, then they can enter to compete at the national level. Team NTA-Prosper had eight students train for nationals in Detroit, Michigan, this July and qualify.

The athletes are: Alan Anderson (male light-weight red belt age 8-10), Keenan Coachman (male heavy weight red belt age 8-10), Michael Grant (male mid-weight red belt age 8-10), Natalie Gonzalez (female weight light-weight blue belt age 15-17), William Kanouse (male heavy-weight yellow belt age 10-11), Jason McCleary (male heavy-weight yellow belt age 8-9), Abbi Melton (female heavy weight red belt age 15-17), and Denny Seibert (male heavy weight red belt age 12-14).

Several of the students brought home medals: Denny Seibert, gold; Abbi Melton, silver; Kennan Coachman, silver; and Natalie Gonzalez, bronze.