Through much of the spring, the Alice football program prided itself on hitting the weight room early and working out when others weren’t.

It was a work ethic reinforced by new coach Kyle Atwood’s offseason motto, “While They’re Sleeping.”

Now, it’s a motto the Coyotes will follow literally. The Alice program is having it’s first preseason practice on Monday, Aug. 7, like most other schools around the state. Only, they’re hitting the practice field at midnight that Monday, while others are actually sleeping. It’s a practice that the Coyotes’ new coach is calling Midnight Madness. Moreover, he wants to turn into a community event.

“A lot of what we’ve talked to the kids about during the offseason is ‘While They’re Sleeping,’” Atwood said. “We were in the weight room early in the morning getting some weights in and we talked about how we were doing this while people like Calallen and Flour Bluff and these other guys were sleeping. It’s going to be the same aspect when we start this season. We’re going to be out there the very first moment that we can have a ball out there on the field legally by the UIL. We’re there. We’re going to take advantage of being the first team out there.”

The first practice begins at midnight and will run three hours. It will consist of two hours of football practice and a second segment of speed weight stations. The program will then resume its regular August football practice schedule at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Players will be noticed of their practice schedule this week.

Atwood said he began kicking off the start of football season at midnight while heading up the Grape Creek program in San Angelo. He said the first practice of every football season is an optimistic time filled with expectations and high hopes. He said beginning the season at midnight only adds to the excitement.  

“You’re starting at the very first moment that you can possibly start,” Atwood said. “Very first day of practice is always a high energy practice, but this one will be different because we’re out there at night under the lights.” 

The midnight practice is being planned for the Alice High School practice fields. Atwood said the plan is to use portable lighting on the fields.