The Prosper Archery team has garnered much attention in their first year of existence. The team is completely comprised of middle school students, many of who have no prior experience. Under the leadership of coach Becky Hedges, however, the team has had unprecedented success. The Prosper archery team qualified for nationals in the spring and was ranked fifth in the state of Texas.

With their skills, the team has now qualified for the World Archery Tournament in Orlando this Saturday, July 22. Eighteen of the 30 archers will participate in the event in which they will be competing against teams from across the globe.

“I would describe the Prosper archery team as extraordinary,” Hedges said. “It’s not frequent when a team that never before existed is competing at the highest level in its conference in its inaugural year. The dedication of the archers and parents to challenge what’s possible has been amazing.”

The students and their parents have dedicated an incredible amount of time, hard work and money to help make the team successful.

“We are very excited that, in the first year of the program, the team has the opportunity to go to the world competition,” parent Tonya Lynch said. “The kids have worked very hard and had so much fun this year.”

“I’m excited to see archers from other countries to see how they shoot,” added seventh grader Shalion Wallace.

To add to their success, the archery team has accomplished all of this without the financial backing of the school district. For this reason, the Prosper archery team has been funded mainly by parents and has been practicing in a facility in McKinney that they rent. They announced last week, however, that the ISD has found room for them and they will finally have a practice space in Prosper.

The team, which until now has been comprised entirely of middle school students, will expand to include high school students in the new school year. Hedges said she hopes that having a practice facility in Prosper will help to continue with the growth of the program.