Although the state-ranked Prosper Lady Eagle soccer team ended their 2016-2017 season just one game away from advancing to the state tournament, the coaching staff remained busy long after season. Head coach Rafael Flores and the program hosted their annual Prosper soccer camp on June 19-22 in the hopes of meeting the next generation of Prosper players.

Fun was the number one priority for the campers, and Flores and the staff made sure to include several activities that provided the campers with a chance to learn more about soccer and improve their skills. They even ended each day with a popsicle for every camper.

“The focus of our camps this year was for the kids to feel comfortable, have a great time, and work on some of their soccer skills,” Flores said. “It was the most kids we’ve ever had and it was a great group of kids.”

To accommodate for the large number of players in attendance, the camp was divided into two main groups, separating the children based on their age. Players ranged from first to eighth grade.

Desserts aside, the campers took away more than just a week of soccer training.

Flores stressed the importance of camp and how it impacts thew high school program in the long run, both for the campers and the staff.

“The camp has been a great help to our program as we’ve gotten to know kids at an early age before we see them at the high school,” he said. “I’ve had girls who have played at the high school for me attend camps as a young kid. It’s great to see them develop and for them to get to know the coaches.”

The program will host another camp in August for incoming freshman who are looking to become involved with the team. For more information on the second camp, visit the Prosper soccer page at