Running can be a daunting task for those not up to the challenge, and competing against other talented runners is even more intimidating. But for 53 young runners, Prosper High’s cross country and track/field camp gave each child the opportunity to learn more about the sport while having fun doing it.

The track and field program hosted two summer camps, which took place on June 12-15 and June 19-22. The four-day camps were designed to teach the runners the fundamentals of running. Head coach Jennifer Gegogeine and coach Lauren Houseknecht hope that the camp provides inspiration for the runners to stay interested in the sport.

“We hope that the kids gain new knowledge about the sport of track and field/cross-country, and will want to continue participating in it for years to come,” Gegogeine said.

The camp encouraged a wide variety of runners to participate, with children from third grade all the way to ninth signed up. Gegogeine said that she wanted the camp to focus on all levels of cross country and track, including field events, hurdles, sprints, relays and distance running. In addition, there was a “mini meet” on the last day of camp for the campers to compete against one another after practicing all week.

The camp also gave the students the opportunity to work with the successful track program at Prosper High. In the 2016-2017 season, the coaches led several runners in the post-season, with one athlete advancing to the state meet.

As the new head coach, Gegogeine is very pleased with the results of the camp, and is excited for the start of her new career at Prosper.

“The two camps have been a great introduction to the sport of track and field,” Gegogeine said. “It’s given (the kids) hands on experience in running events as well as field events.”