The tennis program launched one of its two camps on June 12-15. Prosper’s new head tennis coach Mandy Bowling kicked off her career by heading the camp. Tennis players ranging from third grade through high school were invited to participate in the skills camp,

There was no experience required to attend the camp, as Bowling emphasized that learning was the main goal. For two hours a day in the morning, Bowling and the rest of the coaching staff worked with the players to improve their game.

“I am hoping for kids to come out and have fun, whether they have played tennis before and they are coming for extra practice, or if it is their first time playing,” Bowling said. “I want the kids to finish the week of camp feeling that they learned something, and they had a great time doing it.”

Tennis experience aside, Bowling wanted the campers to learn more than just how to play the game. After starting with a traditional group stretch, the players were instructed to participate in a less traditional activity: Daily Character Challenge.

“The character challenge consists of getting to know someone (the players) don’t already know and challenge them to give someone a ‘shout out,’” Bowling said.

After the challenge was explained, the campers were divided into groups based on their age and proceeded to play a variety of drills and games. Bowling said the camp focused on a different stroke each day, with the activities surrounded that particular stroke. At the end of the day, the entire camp came together to reflect on what they learned and complete the character challenge assigned. Bowling says it’s important for the students to get know the other players.

“I believe that even with all different ages, it’s important to work together as a group and end the week meeting new people and giving some positive shout-outs to the group.”

With her first Prosper camp under her belt, Bowling said she is looking forward to the second one on June 19 – 22.