Prosper alumna Skylar Brooks has done many things she’s proud of during her young life – one of which includes helping the Lady Eagles to their first regional basketball tournament in 2016.

But Brooks might be most proud with what she did on May 16.

Brooks, who graduated in 2016, became an official member of the United States Navy.

“I’ve been thinking about going into the military since high school,” Brooks said.

Following her graduation, Brooks went to Chandler Gilbert College in Arizona where she just finished her first year.

It was then she realized that the Navy would be the best thing for her.

“Going through my first year of college, I realized that there were other ways to learn and educate myself, other than the traditional college route,” Brooks said.

After weighing some options, Brooks finally decided the Navy was the way to go. Having family who went through the same thing helped her seal the deal.

“I first talked to the Army, but finally chose the Navy because of many factors – one of the main ones was because my family had served,” she said.

The former Lady Eagle standout was the lone senior in 2016 when Prosper had its best playoff run in 10 years. The Eagles made it to the regional tournament in Garland and were two wins away from going to the state tournament in San Antonio that year.

Brooks had a season high 17 points early in that season. She would go on to be a second-team all-district selection.

This past year, she said it was hard trying to keep up with Prosper while in Arizona but did say she kept in touch with a few teammates like Jordyn Oliver thanks to social media, especially Twitter.

Brooks says she will go to Chicago in February for boot camp to start her career.

She will also go to Virginia to go to school for the career she’s chosen – Special Intelligence.

“This next chapter of my life is extremely exciting,” Brooks said. “I am ready to experience and travel the world and to push myself in this next chapter.”