With school finally out, dozens of aspiring young athletes flocked to the Prosper High School football field on Monday, June 5, eager for a chance to work with the Eagle coaching staff for football camp.

Every day for a week from 4-6 p.m., the boys would step out on the field – either in the indoor facility or outside on the big field – and experience what a typical day of Prosper football would be like. The coaches would take them through a full warm-up, including a pre-practice pep talk and dynamic stretching, before competing in a variety of drills and activities.

The camp is designed to teach the players the fundamentals of football — throwing, catching, running, and change of direction, according to Prosper Offensive Coordinator and Youth Camp Director Tyler Moore.

“It’s really a focus, not necessarily on tackle football or flag football, but just basic skills for the young football player,” Moore said.

Children from kindergarten to fifth grade were allowed to participate in the camp. Some came with siblings, others came with their local teams, others came alone. Regardless of how much experience the boys had, Moore emphasized the true focus of the camp was about more than just getting better at football.

“Our main focus is fun,” Moore said. “Getting kids interested in the game, showing them that activity is fun, sports are fun, getting out and competing is fun, and that football is an avenue for those things.”

The players weren’t the only ones excited about the camp. Parents found the camp useful for a variety of reasons. The Chelf family said they enrolled their son, Case, to prepare him for his first season of tackle football, while Shannon Denniston said she wanted her oldest son, 5-year-old Landen, to have some fun for the summer.

Despite having a good time, the campers haven’t forgotten what it means to compete. Moore said that the level of talent has exceeded his expectations.

“We’ve played some games and they’ve really competed with each other,” he said. “They have a desire to win and do the best they can.”

Although camp came to a close on Thursday, June 8, the campers left a lasting impression on the coaching staff.

“I’ve been really impressed — they’ve been great and they’ve really been receptive of the things we’ve been teaching them,” Moore said. “They’ve gotten to experience a little bit about what Prosper football is.”