It’s baseball season in Prosper. The boys kicked off their final tournament of the year on March 9 with a double-header against Sacshe High School 11 a.m. and Midland at 4 p.m. Both games ended in wins for the boys in green, who’s season has begun with quite the bang. After picking up the two wins, Prosper now rests comfortably with a record of 12-1-1.

Prosper 10, Sacshe 1

The first match of the tournament for the Eagles opened with a big hit from the opposition. The first batter from Sacshe slammed a home run to immediately make the score 1-0. The homer would be the only time the Mustangs would see the home plate, however, as Prosper picked up their defense following the first inning. Eagle pitcher sophomore Jacob Costner forced three quick outs to take them into the bottom of the first, where Prosper earned a run of its own to tie the game.

Most of the action would be back-to-back outs from both teams in the second inning, but Prosper opened up its scoring in the bottom of third. Senior Easton Murrell began the offense with a big hit that crashed off the back wall and out of reach for any Sacshe outfielders. His hit was followed by a line drive from senior Cade McBride, allowing Murrell to steal third and eventually bring it home for the 3-1 lead. Junior Braden Carmichael subbed in for McBride, and he ran home after junior Kendall Foster’s base hit. Prosper would score four runs in the third, bringing the score to 5-1 going into the fourth inning.

Costner was relentless in his pitching, giving the Prosper offense the opportunity to get back on the field after another series of quick outs. In the bottom of the fourth, the Sacshe pitcher walked the first few batters to load the bases. Third baseman Jackson Vines then stepped up to the plate and blasted a hit to initiate more scoring, allowing the Eagles to increase the lead with three more runs.

Moving into the fifth inning, the visiting time had a slim chance of recovering. It seemed the Eagles had all the momentum, and Sacshe’s offense was completely shut down by tough pitching and a great Prosper outfield presence. Prosper changed pitchers to senior Jaime Janco, who wasted no time eliminating the Mustangs’ hope of cutting the lead. In the final plays of the game, Prosper hitters quickly scored two more runs in the bottom of the fifth to run-rule Sacshe 10-1.

While the entire team added their own contributions to the win, there were some key standout players, including the winning pitcher Jacob Costner. He posted five strikeouts in four innings, and holds a 3-0 record in games. Easton Murrell had three runs, including a double. Cade McBride had 3 RBI’s and a double base hit.

Head Coach Rick Carpenter said that season has gone well for the Eagles so far, and a few of the boys are standing out early.

“Cade McBride had a good game at bat for us, he’s swinging the bat well,” Carpenter said. “Kendall Foster had a big hit. … We’re doing pretty good.”

The boys also defeated Midland High at 4 p.m. in a comeback rally 10-9. Zach Wilson, Easton Murrell and Kendall Foster were big players in the game. Wilson had two RBI’s and two doubles. Murrell added to his stats from earlier in the day with a double and a triple each. Foster had two RBI’s, a double and a triple.

The team had the weekend to rest before playing at Little Elm on Tuesday, Mar. 14.