The Prosper Eagles wrestling team won by a score of 39 to 36 in their duel against Frisco Lone Star Rangers on Thursday, Jan. 5. The match took place at Frisco Lone Star High School, and was close; however, due to two more pins than their competitor, they were able to win the match.

Starting out, one Prosper Eagle won by forfeit, gaining the team six overall points. The Lone Star Rangers gained a total of 12 points due to two members of their team forfeiting.

Eagle wrestlers Caleb Redman, James Wujek and Alex Varela all beat their opponents by pinning their opponent, each one gaining Prosper six points.

Redman won his match by pinning his opponent in the course of 56 seconds. Lone Star then was able to beat the Eagles and secure three points. Lone Star additionally took a win after tackling their opponent in 57 seconds earning six points.

Eagle wrestler Anthony Acevedo took a win after pinning his opponent in the course of 49 seconds.

Wujek took home a win after pinning his opponent in two minutes and 28 seconds. Alex Varela also took a win during his match after pinning his opponent in one minute and 56 seconds.

Lone Star gained one additional win. The win was followed up by Eagle wrestler Tristan Baugher gaining one more win for Prosper, gaining an additional three points.

The final win was by Lone Star with a pin; however it wasn’t enough to win the duel. Overall, the Eagles were able to secure two more pins than the Rangers putting them over the edge with enough points to win the match.

“Thirty nine to 36 is very close,” Prosper wrestling coach Darren Snyder said. “For pinning we get six points each, but if we had just beaten Frisco Lone Star we would have only gotten three points, had that been the case we would have been tied. The duel was very close but we were able to take home a victory because pinning put us over the edge.”