By Lindy Keyser

Special to the Press

Cheers echoed through Prosper High School’s empty halls on Thursday afternoon as students, teachers and members of the community assemble in the arena for the Prosper Rumble.

"The Prosper Rumble is a series of events that are choreographed to music in which all of our students participate with hand waves and motions in unity," said Prosper High School principal Greg Wright. "Many news outlets will be there and we’re also going to post it to YouTube for the whole world to see."

The Prosper Rumble is one of the many spirit-inspiring tricks that Wright keeps up his sleeve. He says that after 28 years in the business, he can confidently call Prosper the most spirited school he’s seen.

"I have always put a huge emphasis on school pride and school spirit," Wright said. "Prosper High School really takes it to another level and I attribute that to the awesome high school students that we have."

Of the hundreds of students at Prosper High School, there are four who take matters of school pride into their own hands every single day. These "spirit leaders" motivate their peers to attend athletic events, guide the student section in chants and cheers and provide resources like baby powder to create photo-worthy affects at the games.

"This is something I’m going to look back on and be glad I did," said senior spirit leader, Dean Smith. "It’s really great to see the whole student body coming together to do things like the Prosper Rumble. It’s something I’m going to remember forever."

Smith says that Prosper is widely recognized for its school pride and the spirit leaders maintain that reputation by entertaining their peers at the pep rallies and keeping students in the Eagle Zone on their feet for the duration of every game. They consider it their personal responsibility to maintain a culture of unity throughout the school.

"I want everyone to be excited to come to school," said senior spirit leader, Chase Schupp. "When you’re excited to come you get so much accomplished. You pay attention, you make friends, you work on so many different skills and I feel like these are things that will help later in college and in our jobs."

To see the Prosper High School student body in action, Wright has invited the entire community to attend the pep rally on Thursday, Oct. 3 at 2:37 pm. The pep rally will help get the spirit started for the Prosper football game against Centennial on Thursday night at Toyota Stadium (formerly FC Dallas Stadium, formerly Pizza Hut Park) in Frisco. Game time is 7 p.m.

"We love to see the community come to our pep rallies and see our kids in action," said Wright. "They make me so proud."