By Lindy Keyser

Special to the Press

With fall officially underway in Texas, Water Conservation Education Coordinator Tristan Cisco is turning her focus to the Prosper Block Leader Program. She says that the first item on her agenda is tackling the program’s reputation.

"The hardest thing we’re hitting right now is that people think that the block leaders are water police," Cisco said, "but really they’re just distributing information."

Those who volunteer as block leaders will distribute flyers and door hangers throughout the community with the intent of encouraging responsible water usage. Prosper’s water source is currently at less than 60% capacity and, as water usage increases by 50% during the warmer months, it is declining daily.

"Once we have our block leaders in place, they will distribute flyers of information as well as door tags to hang around the house," Cisco said. "These will contain little hints on how to save water daily as well as fun facts about water usage."

The city held their first Block Leader meeting in mid August with the intent of inspiring and recruiting members. As temperatures cool throughout the region, town staff will educate the block leaders so that they can field questions from their neighbors come spring.

"We’d also like to do a quarterly newsletter that shares information about things like plants that don’t need watered as often and the most productive times to water," Cisco said. "Our goal is for Prosper to look nice but also to be smart about it."

This spring the Block Leader program will be fully prepared to hit the neighborhoods. While volunteers urge residents to take strides toward water conservation, Cisco plans to take her message into the schools.

"Water conservation is the last thing on elementary and middle school kids’ minds," Cisco said, "but there are actually a lot of small things the can do to make a difference."

For more information on the Block Leader program or to get involved, contact Tristan Cisco at