Every once in a while, we come across stories that we wish we didn’t have to write. More often than not, that sentiment doesn’t have anything to to do with the assignment itself, rather we wish an event or an action had never happened and didn’t need reporting.

This week, we had to write about some of the most vulnerable members of our community — children.

I was assigned to cover the sentencing of a Denison man who pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl.

But the worst of the week’s news was reported by a coworker who spent days in the courtroom where she had to listen to the disturbing details of a Trenton family which both allowed and facilitated the repeated sexual assault of their own son. The boy was betrayed by the very people who should have been there to protect him.

Our longtime criminal justice editor has covered some of the worst things to ever happen in this county and she has handled them with unwavering professionalism and strength.

We dread these stories because they are painful and disheartening. But these are also the stories we will never shy away from. We will be there to draw attention to the dark crimes that might otherwise go unknown and to explain the consequences handed down to those who commit them. These stories are difficult to write and we know they are hard to read, but they are necessary and we are committed to each and every one.

Happy birthday Friday to Margaret Wilson and Za-Nhaya Jones, both of Sherman; Chandler Jones of Denison; Sam Ellis of Luella; and Maggie Reppond of Frisco.

Happy anniversary Friday to Dee and Paul Cawthon of Denison, 44 years; Dameon and Brittney Scott of Gunter, 10 years.