I’ve heard it said that Mondays aren’t actually all that awful, it’s just that your life happens to be so on that particular day.

Whether or not you subscribe to that line of thinking, for most of us, Mondays can be pretty rough.

My week got off to a turbulent start thanks to my rather unwise assumption that there was simply no need to bring a rain jacket with me. As I made my way into the office, windshield wipers in full gear, I quickly realized my choice was not the best one.

After a brief dash through the parking lot and a few hours in the office, during which I was able to remain dry, I was sent out to cover a vehicle that caught fire on U.S. Highway 75. As I milled about the stretch of highway where the incident took place, the rain picked up and soaked my clothes and I even managed to step in some puddles that went well over my ankles.

Though I was admittedly disappointed with my own wardrobe choice and the day’s general course of events, I couldn’t help but look on the bright side. At least it was not my vehicle that had burst into flames on a major freeway. And at least I wasn’t entangled in the long line of traffic that had to wait until emergency crews cleared the scene — though I likely would have remained dry if had I been.

Upon returning to the office, I learned that Monday had dealt one of my coworkers a hand even less ideal than my own. He was selected for jury duty and will likely serve a whole week’s worth of it. Though I have no doubt that he sees the value in his civic duty, I knew he wasn’t happy with the way things played out and I can’t say I would have felt any different.

Call me crazy, but I really do really feel bad for Mondays. They’re very much the bearers of bad news and the messengers who always seem to meet a swift and certain death at the hands of full-time workers. They have the unfortunate responsibility of kicking off the dreaded work week and bringing an end to the fun and free time afforded to us by the weekend.

As I sat at my desk in damp clothes and walked about the office in shoes that squished with every step, I’ll admit that I groaned about my Monday. But I could have had it much worse. Maybe Mondays aren’t that bad, or maybe they are. I think some days it just gets piled on extra thick, and this Monday was one of those days for me. What I can say for sure is that I’m now one day closer to the weekend and for that I’m thankful.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Ada Vineyard, Carl Polk Jr. and Kevin McGriggs, all of Sherman; and Vyvian Branham of Bells.

Happy anniversary Wednesday to Dakota and Rylee Clifton of Plano, 3 years.