The upcoming May 6, 2017, Prosper General Election will be an important election because the mayor, town council and their “specially appointed” CRC (Charter Review Commission) is proposing to eliminate Term Limits on the mayor and council members. Currently, the mayor and council are “limited” to three (3) three-year terms for a total of nine years, and if one serves on both the town council and as mayor, those terms equate to 18 years total.

I oppose the CRC’s recommendation to abolish Current Term Limits because I don’t want to see “career politicians” become imbedded in our Town Leadership positions. Term Limits are important because they keep fresh blood within the system, foster new and creative solutions to Town Challenges and diminish tunnel vision/cronyism.

Yes, the supporters of Abolishing Term Limits say “elections are term limits by definition” because the voters decide. While this may be true to some degree, voting turnout in elections like this are less than 20 percent and a small fraction of the residents should not dictate what the 100 percent should abide by. Our founding fathers (Federal, State and Local) put Term Limits into place for a reason and “we should honor and maintain that reason.”

Please turn out for this important election (use the flexibility of Early Voting), vote, and consider voting no on Abolishing Term Limits. This is an important moment in Prosper’s evolution and it is imperative that we stand up and continue the tradition of Term Limits as created by our founders/former Town Leadership.

—Ken Weaver, Prosper resident