DALLAS — Studio Movie Grill (“SMG”) continues its mission to open hearts and minds, one story at a time with facilitated screenings of the Lionsgate film “Wonder” starring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. SMG will screen the film for over 2500 Prosper ISD students with social-emotional educational facilitators from Big Thought to create an impactful learning experience focused on acceptance, belonging, empathy and kindness. The event will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 15 starting at 5 p.m. at SMG’s Colony location.

Prosper Independent School District is a public-school district based in Prosper, Texas and all of Prosper ISD’s seven elementary schools, two middle schools and high school were invited to this event. Big Thought works with partners across the city to ensure all students have access to high-quality learning opportunities that promote creativity and social and emotional learning to better prepare kids for success in work and life.

“Movies have a deep impact on social emotional learning for children,” said National Director of Sales Robert Jenkins. “A film as beautiful as “Wonder” can show all of us more about empathy, understanding and kindness, no matter our differences.” “Wonder” is a family drama about a young boy with facial differences who has to navigate his first year in fifth grade.

“Social and emotional learning is a crucial component of a student’s success in school, work and life,” said Ed Meier, Interim Executive Director at Big Thought. “We are excited to complement the film “Wonder” with engaging activities that inspire students to mirror these traits in their everyday lives.”

Along with the screening of “Wonder” at the SMG Colony location, SMG plans to host numerous “Wonder” screenings donated to local schools across the country, including dedicating a special screening for Big Thought’s Thriving Minds After School (TMAS) students and hosting 800 young students in the Uplift program in Dallas Fort Worth.