The rain was heavy, the streets were wet and the sky was thick with clouds, but Prosper residents could not be deterred. National Night Out went off without a hitch Tuesday night as parents and kids alike made the most of a damp and dreary situation.

“I actually think the kids are having more fun in the rain,” said Lori Wells, who started planning her block party nearly a month before the event. “The bounce house with its slide works great whether it’s wet or dry.”

Wells was one of almost 30 hosts in Prosper who arranged time to visit with neighbors and chat with the city’s first responders and who acted quickly when rain entered the forecast to make the party work. Neighbors gathered in garages and under awnings to watch their kids jump and splash in the rain.

“Some agencies have a centralized event,” said Prosper Police Officer Erin Hubbard, who helped to arrange the community-wide night out. “We like to put ownership back on the community. We encourage residents to hold block parties so they can get to know their neighbors.”

Prosper’s various first responders from both the Police and Fire Departments made it to each event. Many showed up in their police or fire vehicles with lights flashing, while some were brave enough to venture out on bicycles in the rain. They threw a football with kids, answered questions for adults, and were not at all surprised by the amount of participation in spite of the rain.

“Even with as big as we grow, we (in Prosper) still like to maintain that small-town togetherness,” said Officer Hubbard, “and I think that no matter how big we get that we will still be able to maintain that. We’ll probably always be the biggest small town in the area.”