Volunteers from around the Texoma area gathered in front of the Sherman Town Center Sunday. Gerry Brundage, President of the Texoma Pro-Life Association, and a few participants stood in front of the Mattress Firm Store holding signs for passers-by to read.

The signs were created by the National Life Chain to raise awareness about abortion. Brundage, the organizer for the National Life Chain in Sherman, said the signs that read “Life, the first inalienable right” and others were to share the positive aspects of life.

“We come out once a year to pray to end abortion, and share the truth about the sanctity of life,” Brundage said. “Every life is precious.”

Brundage said the National Life Chain is a nationwide event that occurs the first Sunday of October. The nonprofit organization is celebrating 40 years of informing women of the resources available to pregnant women, he said.

“Our organization helps show pregnant women that there are other options besides abortion,” Brundage said.

He said he is pleased with the feedback the organization has received Sunday.

“We have had very positive feedback, today,” Brundage said. “We normally get quite a few thumbs up, but sometimes, about 10 to 20 percent do not. However, today has been a good one.”

Brundage said the organization has chosen the current spot for the past 15 years due to the high visibility. Even though the national day only had approximately 25 volunteers show up for today, the largest turnout was 150.

The consortium also participates in the annual 40 days of life. This event is where the group will choose a place that needs prayer — a few years ago, it was the Sherman Planned Parenthood — and spend 40 days in front of the business praying and spreading awareness.

Brundage said the 40-day prayerful presence has saved over 15,000 lives and has over 50,000 churches involved. Some of the Dallas chapters do 24-hour vigils; the Sherman area does 12.

Ramona Trevino is the chapter’s biggest success, Brundage said. Trevino was a young pregnant teen who used Planned Parenthood’s services. Then, she became the manager of the Sherman clinic. A few years ago, when the Texoma Pro-Life Association held the 40 days of life in front of the business, Trevino heard her calling.

Brundage said Trevino has written a book titled “Redeemed by Grace,” and is now one of the organization’s best motivational speakers. Trevino now travels the nations, telling her story about her journey back from Planned Parenthood, Brundage said.