Details regarding the construction of Prosper’s new athletic complex and natatorium were at the forefront of city council’s latest meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

Parking was the biggest concern and will continue to be negotiated in the future. Stadiums currently follow a ratio of one parking space for every four seats. The stadium will seat 12,000 and the natatorium will have 500, but there are only 2,500 parking spaces in the proposed lot, leaving them short by nearly 100 spaces.

To combat the issue, senior planner Alex Fleschka said the town is in the works to change the ratio to 5 to 1. For extra parking, attendees of athletic events can also find available spaces at Frontier Park, adjacent to the stadium.

The council also discussed agricultural issues, including the ability to grow newly planted trees outside the stadium. Due to the high saline levels of the water near the complex, further action will be required to meet proper standards.

Other items on the agenda included a brief informational presentation on a new app entitled “myPROSPER.” Residents will soon be able to report any traffic, street, or transportation concerns on their phones. As a result, the town can respond by sending out alerts, enabled by push notifications, to let residents know about road closures, heavy traffic, and other issues. The app can be found on Apple devices and will be coming soon for Android users.

Towards the beginning of the meeting, a list of consent agenda items were passed with unanimous approval, most notably an item regarding a new park in Prosper. Construction will soon begin for Silo Park on the corner of W. Broadway Street and McKinley Street. The plan is to use the park as an outdoor entertainment venue as well as to provide space for a food truck area incorporated into the park.

The council also passed the installation of a new lighting plan for Eagles Landing park. The $12,000 project was approved unanimously and will be completed in December. Eagles Landing park is a popular venue for youth sports.

Prosper’s next council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 6 p.m.