For folks looking to spice up their mornings, the new coffee shop coming to Prosper might be the perfect option.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees looks to take their globally successful brand to Prosper by the end of 2017. They have over 900 stores worldwide, known for their uniquely flavored coffees.

Director of Franchise Development Laina Sullivan — who is bringing the coffee shop to Prosper — said compared to other coffee shops, Gloria Jean’s is uniquely superior.

“We have a more premiere brand. People that have tried Gloria Jean’s coffee say it has a more distinguishing taste.”

Gloria Jean’s features unique flavors such as including blueberry sunrise, pistachio nut, caramel apple and butter toffee. All coffees can be served hot or cold and are available to purchase by the pound online.

The brand was founded in 1979 outside of Chicago by Gloria Jean herself. Sullivan credited her as the original pioneer of the flavored coffee market, which has grown exponentially over the years.

“It was her idea to flavor the beans,” Sullivan said. “She sold the brand years ago, but she’s still very passionate about it. We owe a lot to her.”

Sullivan got involved with Gloria Jean’s over a year ago after 30 years of franchising experience. Previously, she was involved with multiple brands, including Supercuts and Yogurt Land.

When an opportunity arose to get involved with Gloria Jean’s, Sullivan didn’t hesitate.

“I’m excited about the kind of growth we can offer for potential franchise prospects,” Sullivan said. “There’s limited opportunities in the coffee business.”

As of now, there is only one Gloria Jean’s location in Texas, situated at La Plaza Mall in McAllen. The details are currently being worked out for the Prosper location, with hopes to open multiple other Gloria Jean’s in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

While looking into potential landing spots, Prosper stood out among the crowd.

“The whole area is vibrant, beautiful and growing like crazy. That’s very attractive to an expanding restaurant like ours,” said Sullivan, who hopes the Prosper community gets hooked on the coffees just as quickly as she did.

“The flavor just bursts in your mouth,” Sullivan added. “Once you’ve had Gloria Jean’s, you never go back.”