For those that have considered starting a workout routine but can’t find the time to do so, there will soon be no excuse to continue waiting for residents of Prosper and the surrounding area.

GYMGUYZ, a mobile fitness service, will be in business by the end of October in Prosper and surrounding cities. New franchise owner Jeff Wilshire is the first to bring the nationwide service to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“It’s all about convenience, giving people the opportunity to work out where and when they want to,” Wilshire said. “It’s like takeout for a gym. The opportunity here is tremendous.”

GYMGUYZ started in 2008, bringing vans loaded with over 300 pieces of equipment to the homes of clients for fully customizable workout plans. Clients ranging from corporate businesses, kids and seniors are able to schedule workouts seven days a week, anytime between 4 a.m. and 11 p.m.

The overarching goal of the business is to enhance the overall health and fitness of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Whether someone is a senior looking to stay healthy with age, looking to lose weight fast or hoping to enhance their athletic ability, trainers at GYMGUYZ will tailor a specific plan that works with their schedule.

Wishire decided to get involved after 19 years as a global marketing leader at IBM. At 55 years old, he is now a certified trainer and runs marathons on a regular basis.

“Fitness has always been important to me,” Wilshire said. “It can really improve somebody’s quality of life, regardless of age. Coming out of the corporate world, it will be nice to do something with passion and actually see results of what you’re doing.”

Before starting with GYMGUYZ, clients get a free workout session to give their trainer a feel for their individual needs. Measurements and initial benchmarks will be taken into account when designing each custom plan for clients.

Wilshire will begin with one mobile van and hopes to expand to three or four in the next few years. No matter what clients are looking for, GYMGUYZ will provide all the equipment needed to get the most out of their workout experience.

“If we’ve got clients in Prosper, regardless of the time of day or their needs, we’ll be able to service them,” Wilshire said.