With Hurricaine Harvey reminding many Texans about the damage of natural disasters, Ask.Vet provided five tips to help people evacuate their pets in case they are stuck in such an unfortunate predicament. According to the pet experts at Ask.Vet, it’s surprisingly labor-intensive to evacuate with a pet, and it’s near-impossible without preparation.

Tip 1: HAVE MEDICAL RECORDS IN MORE THAN ONE PLACE: Make sure all of your pet’s vaccine and medical history records are printed and put in a waterproof sleeve and/or on a USB stick.

Tip 2: DON’T FORGET THE NECESSITIES: That means you need to have collars with tags, leashes and carriers for every pet that is in your home. You also need to locate several vet clinics in the area to which you plan to evacuate.

Tip 3: KEEP ALL YOUR PET MEDS IN THE SAME PLACE: This makes it easy to grab and go. In addition, talk to your vet about which medications are vital, such as heart medication, and which aren’t a big deal to miss, such as allergy medications. Get refills on the vital ones just in case.

Tip 4: HAVE A GO-KIT READY: While your go-kit should contain obvious necessities like food and bowls, don’t forget other essentials like pre-ziplocked bags of litter, potty pads and trash bags.

Tip 5: KNOW YOUR STATE LAWS: In many states, it’s illegal to force owners to leave their pets behind—find out what your legal rights are in your state. In addition, have a list of 2-3 pet-friendly hotels and their contact info at least two hours away from your house.