The new school year was heralded in by early morning showers, but they cleared out in time for student arrivals at Windsong Ranch Elementary School on Monday, Aug. 14. Flanked by their families, returning and new students eagerly and nervously posed for photos as they made their annual back-to-school return in Prosper.

Many of the students expressed excitement about making new friends, while others were eager to catch up with old ones.

Sisters Kaitlin and Khloe Anderson were overjoyed, as the self-proclaimed best friends now attend school in the same building. Kaitlin entered into the third grade, while her young sister, Khloe, made her elementary school debut as a kindergartener.

Another area of excitement amongst the new and returning students was academic advancement.

Kadielyn Kobil stated her excitement for reading new books as she entered the fourth grade, while her sister Lilah said she was excited to learn new things in the first grade this year.

Lorelei Lowry was accompanied by her younger brother, who is two years shy of elementary school age, as she brandished a sign announcing her first day of kindergarten. With her colorful sign standing testament, Lorelei noted she is most excited about doing crafts in school.

“I'm excited for the big playground in kindergarten,” added Lukas Kohek, as his parents accompanied him on his first day at Windsong.