It’s time to go back to school, and new Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations Greg Bradley said Prosper is officially the fastest growing district in the State of Texas. In order to keep up with the rapid growth, the ISD has hired around 150 personnel. The new staff ranges from custodians to bus drivers and teachers.

Convocation was held for district staff on Monday Aug. 7. The district expects an influx of around 2,000 additional students. Bradley explained how the district plans to handle this expansion.

“We’re excited and we’re ready to go,” Bradley said. “We have added some portable buildings and are really just being efficient with our school buildings. We designed them to be able to hold students a little over capacity. We’re using a lot of different rooms in the building that might have been designed for a community room and not necessarily as a classroom. But we’ve found over the last few years that our schools have absorbed the growth really well.”

A few sports have already started for the school year and others will begin soon. The Prosper Band has been practicing since July and volleyball began practice last week. Most of the other sports will start next week, when school starts.

Each elementary school will have a Meet the Teacher night this week. Additionally, the middle schools will all have a schedule pick up night. High School students have several events throughout the day for schedule pick up, as well. Parents and students are directed to the ISD’s website to keep up with the many back-to-school events.

“We really want to encourage parents to check with the transportation department also,” said Bradley. “The beginning of the year is always a bit stressful for them. The transportation department has already designed the bus routes and already communicated via email. Hopefully the parents will have read those emails and should feel free to call us with questions. They definitely don’t have to wait for the beginning of school to get that sorted.”

It is clear that ISD staff is prepared for the difficulties that come from rapid growth. New High School Principal John Burdett expressed his excitement for the upcoming year.

“We are very excited,” Burdett said. “It is going to be so great to see the staff and teachers all back and interacting with the kids. Thankfully, the board was able to give us extra allocation to hire new teachers and build new classrooms. We also had to make sure there is enough desks and supplies for those classrooms. We hope that the students get a good night’s rest and are looking forward to a great year supporting our families and working together.”

The new school year will begin Aug. 14. The new academic calendar and updates on all back to school events are available on the website