In preparation for the coming school year, several items were revisited in the July 24 Town Council meeting concerning student safety. Council voted to approve the consent agenda item that will allow a portion of PD-25 to be rezoned in order to allow for the placement of temporary buildings at Rogers Middle School. This has become necessary due to the rapid growth of the town, and thereby the school district as well. Safety concerns were raised due to the buildings’s close proximity to Richland Boulevard and Coit Road.

Another item involving school safety was approved within the consent agenda that allows for an amendment to the current School Traffic Zones section of the Town Ordinances. The school zone time changes will extend afternoon hours from 3:20 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at three locations. The three locations are at Arrowhead Drive from La Cima Boulevard to 120 feet southeast of La Cima, La Cima Boulevard from 300 feet southwest of Arrowhead to 300 feet northeast of Arrowhead Drive, and Monticello Drive from 130 feet northwest of La Cima to La Cima Boulevard. These changes were made in response to the incidents that occurred near the end of the previous school year.

Several members of the Windsong Ranch community spoke during the meeting’s Citizen’s Comments section regarding the poor state of the road, Acacia, within the community.

“We have a sinking road,” Richard Basher, a Windsong Ranch resident in reference to Acacia. “My concern is, when will we see a resolution? I have three small children and we would like to understand what the plan will be to resolve it.”

As the council continues to work towards maintaining the excellence in aesthetics that the town has always striven for, sign issues continue to present themselves. Council voted to approve the Special Purpose Sign District for Prosper Town Center, located on the northeast corner of Preston Road and First Street with a few adjustments.

“Signs are a big problem for us,” John Harris for the Prosper Town Center said. “Everybody wants them.”

The Town Center is attempting to provide tenants with proper signage in order to help promote their businesses. However, it is the council’s job to make sure that excessive signage does not detract from the aesthetic of the town.

Also approved was an amendment to the Wastewater Capital Improvement Plan and authorization to execute a Wastewater Impact Fees Reimbursement Agreement. These two items will help facilitate the relocation of the sanitary sewer line that was originally proposed to Cook Lane in order to prevent its location on the church’s property.