After two years without an Economic Development Corporation director, Prosper has welcomed Maher Maso to fill the position. Previously the mayor of Frisco, Maso is experienced with the politics of a growing town. Having served side by side with Mayor Ray Smith, he is already familiar with Prosper staff and looking forward to helping the Town of Prosper grow while still staying true to its roots.

“Prosper and Frisco have always worked together,” Maso said. “Mayor Ray Smith and I have had a long relationship. He worked on the Frisco EDC while I was on the council. There are a lot of relationships that intertwine such as with developers. It was a really natural transition from Frisco to Prosper. Prosper has a unique culture and identity that is not the same as Frisco, and they have great tools and staff that I am excited to work with.”

Maso explained that as the mayor of Frisco he was involved with a little bit of everything. This allowed him to learn and grow in many aspects, he said. He adde that he hopes that his experience with the rapid growth of Frisco will lend itself to Prosper’s situation as well.

“Prosper has a great demographic,” Maso said. “They are wonderful and well educated. The quality of growth is much more important than the quantity of growth. It is wonderful that the community understands where they want to go and what they want to do. The community is an easy sell to corporations because they are trained. A good plan goes a long way — I want to make sure we stick to the plan and get to know the community.”

Smith also reflected on his working relationship with Maso.

“He’s a good guy,” Smith said. “I was on council in Frisco before him and then while he was on council I was on EDC. We stayed in touch. It’s good to get along with different communities because we work together on so many projects — roadway projects, fire and police. We all need to partner up . I think that’s important. He really looks at the big picture, which is very important.”