The August grand opening of the Dick's Sporting Goods/Field And Stream is the beginning of what looks to be a whirlwind of openings to occur in the Gates of Prosper over the next year. The next big names to be opened include Walmart, Chick-fil-A, Chili's Grill & Bar, Whataburger and Texas Roadhouse.

“As far as Walmart goes, they're moving pretty quickly,” Town Manager Harlan Jefferson said. “They have everything they need to proceed except the traffic signals that they want to make sure are in place. In the interest of the safety of their patrons, they feel it is very important to have the proper traffic signals. Thankfully, the signal has been approved by TxDOT with a target of this fall.”

The gas pumps are already constructed with the Walmart logo in place, signaling the company's progress. Director of Engineering for Blue Star Scott Shipp said that the development at the Gates of Prosper is on schedule, with the only exception being Walmart's need to wait for traffic lights in order to ensure safety.

“The major development on the north end is the big strip center,” Shipp said. “The tilt wall is currently going up along Lovers for that and it is progressing very well. We should have tenant finish-outs towards the end of the year to start preparing those stores for a spring 2018 opening.”

“Chili's is anxious to break ground this week,” he continued. “And then they can start working on their foundation. It won't take them long after that for them to get to moving. We are currently prepping the lot for Texas Roadhouse and getting Chick-fil-A's lot cleaned up and ready to go. Everything is progressing on schedule and the only unknown is the Walmart.”

Project manager Tim Smith with Lincoln Property Company, gave insight into potential opening dates for the restaurants.

“Right now we're working on phase 1 of the development,” Smith said. “Texas Roadhouse is under construction and hopes to open in December. Whataburger starts construction in the next 30 days with their grand opening estimated for November. Chick-fil-A is still under due diligence so it will probably not open until first quarter of 2018. Chili's is also under construction with an opening in late fall.”

Mayor Ray Smith explained how the developments at the Gates of Prosper will positively impact the entire community of Prosper.

“I think it's tremendous for the tax base, it's going to help the town, community, and schools,” Smith said. “It provides services so that people don't have to drive so far. I think residents were really craving something different. They wanted variety and different places to eat. Walmart and Dick's will provide convenient shopping. There will definitely be more on the way. When you get that much retail it helps to attract more restaurants and businesses for residents to enjoy.”