It’s time for everybody’s favorite topic: public meetings.

If you’re still reading, please allow me to say thank you. I know meetings aren’t always the most alluring of events that take place in our communities, but if you’ll stick with me, I’ll speak a little bit more about them and hopefully shed some light on their importance.

Recently, I headed down to a Howe Independent School District board of trustees’ special-called meeting. A quick check of the board’s agenda beforehand revealed that the group was set to interview architectural and construction firms that could be hired for the district’s possible bond project of a new intermediate school. Based on the brevity of the agenda — a mere two or three items — I figured I’d be in and out.

What ensued was a marathon, five-hour meeting. Six companies each gave half-hour pitches as to why they deserved the job and the board also made sure to ask them plenty of questions. I would be lying if I said I didn’t go a little stir crazy during the meeting, but it eventually came to a close and I was able to ask my questions and head home for the evening.

It’s not unusual for Herald Democrat reporters to be some of the few, if not the only, members of the public at these types of open meetings. Not every meeting yields a major story, but we still go and listen to the decision makers and the discussions. We believe the actions and outcomes, big or small, are important because they impact the public in some way.

Understandably, not everyone has the ability to attend every meeting, but we would love the company of those who can be there. And for those who aren’t able to make it, worry not. We will be there to report what happens.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Sharon Cobb, Lisa Luckie. and Louise Elk, all of Denison; Lawerence McDowell of Sherman; and Ruby Mitchell of Garland.

Happy anniversary Tuesday to Vermer and Lucille Bradford of Denison, 49 years.