At last week’s meeting, the Prosper Town Council was briefed on the numerous Capital Improvement Projects that are ongoing. These projects mainly involved infrastructure improvements to existing roads and intersections, many of which have been delayed due to a shortage in skilled labor. With the rapid growth of the Town, engineers and other workers have become overwhelmed.

Coordination has been reached with the City of McKinney for the traffic signal at Custer and Prosper Trail. The widening of Custer is a TxDOT project and the right of way acquisition should be occurring soon.

Collin County is in charge of design and construction for Frontier Parkway between the DNT and Preston. Frontier between Preston and Custer currently has stop signs and construction will soon be underway for the building up of the shoulders.

Bids should be taken in the next 60 days for Fishtrap and FM1385. There is currently a lack of funding for this project, officials said. One option for remedying this would be to segment the project into two separate projects.

Reports also indicated that Prosper Trail from Kroger to Coit has been arduous due to the necessary relocation of franchises and the moving of utilities.

There has been a lag with a drainage solution for downtown, but the contractor is picking up speed now, officials said. Plans are at 90 percent completion for the Broadway project from McKinley to Coleman.

In the consent agenda, council voted to annex approximately 5.7 acres on the west side of Custer and south of Frontier Parkway. Also approved was an ordinance that separated the personnel policies and regulations manual into two parts.

Council reluctantly approved the rezoning of a portion of PD-25 in order to accommodate temporary buildings that have already been placed at Rogers Middle School. PISD had already placed the buildings before the city realized their encroachment into the required 30 foot setback for buildings from the road. Council raised concerns that this could be a future traffic and pedestrian safety issue, but was assured this would be relieved with the construction of a temporary sidewalk.