Residents in Collin County and across the North Texas area have received calls from individuals posing as deputy sheriffs in an attempt to deceive these people into giving the callers money for proposed fines. The scammers inform residents that they have a warrant out for failing to answer a jury summons and then attempt to arrange a meeting at the Sheriff’s Office in McKinney, where they would then meet them in the parking lot to collect the fine.

The individuals attempt to keep the victim on the phone as long as possible in order to prevent them from calling the authorities to verify the situation. It is important for residents to note that no law enforcement official will ever contact them to collect a fine. A message from the Sheriff’s Office emphasized that law enforcement does not receive money from citizens under any circumstances.

“The investigation is still ongoing as to how these individuals are getting the phone numbers to contact citizens,” Captain Jim Moody from the Collin County Sheriff’s Office said. “It is important that citizens know to ask questions. Phone scams are on the rise and it is very dangerous to have people posing as law enforcement officials.”

There have currently been approximately a dozen scam attempts and one confirmed victim. The calls are coming in from all over the North Texas area, with no specific location origination.

Sheriff Jim Skinner said he wanted the public to be aware that the office is actively investigating the situation and pursuing the fraudsters. He said authorities are confident that they will capture the criminals and are asking everyone to be alert until that time.

“It is only a matter of time,” Skinner said in a press release as a warning to the criminals. “… We have a fresh towel waiting in booking for your mug shot.”