Erath County commissioners met Monday to hear a presentation by Metta Collier on preliminary ideas for a possible 35-acre subdivision − Lakeview Estates – that she and husband John are considering.

The development would be on property the Colliers own on Hwy. 281 near Beaver Creek and Club Lake. 

“We haven’t decided to do this or not do this,” Collier said. “Basically we wanted to have this discussion with the commissioners and Judge (TAB) Thompson to see if there were any major impediments to the idea before we move ahead with a preliminary plat plan.” 

Thompson recommended the Colliers refer to the county’s subdivision rules as they proceed. 

“Everything’s very well spelled out there, and I would also recommend that you get in touch with TxDot as soon as possible regarding possible intersection and other safety requirements such as re-striping for a turn lane and so forth,” Thompson said. 

Commissioners also approved preliminary plans for phase II of 4C’s Rodeo Ranch facility just outside Stephenville. 

In February, commissioners unanimously approved phase I plat for Julie and Gilbert Carillio’s 4C’s 15-space RV and rodeo arena facility and that phase is now complete.

The plans detail proposed additions to the site to include eight short-term rental apartments and 20-30 additional RV spaces. 

Other items addressed include:

Approval of a request by Erath County Sheriff Matt Coats to allow an ammunition surplus to be used in trade for rifles and other equipment needed for training by sheriff’s office personnel Presentation of a letter of resignation of Emily Sims, extension agent for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service who has long been a key person in the Erath County 4-H program.