For the third year in a row, Prosper has been heralded as one of the safest cities in Texas. The city ranked No. 12 in the annual ranking of the top 50 safest cities in the state, as conducted by the Safest Cities organization. Organization representative Emily Long said earning a spot on this coveted list is no small feat.

“We reviewed the most recent FBI Crime Report statistic, along with population data,” she said of the process. “To be considered, cities had to have more than 10,000 residents and submit a complete crime report to the FBI. From that list, we looked at both property crime and violent crime and calculated the likelihood of these crimes occurring per 1,000 people — this gives us our overall ranking.”

Those aforementioned statistics included zero murders, zero rapes, zero incidents of arson and only one robbery. Furthermore, Prosper’s spot at No. 12 is a significant jump from last year’s ranking at No. 32, and its 2015 ranking, when Prosper debuted at No. 33.

Long said the goal of Safest Cities is to provide readers with information about safety and crime in their hometowns or potential hometowns. She said ultimately they believe this information keeps Texas — and cities such as Prosper — safe.

“Feeling safe (or unsafe) impacts where we move to, what security features we add to our homes, and the general way in which we interact with our communities,” Long said. “Safest Cities helps people understand the likelihood that they or a loved one will experience a crime, and links them to tools to improve their personal safety and home security.”

The full 2017 Safest Cities report is available at