Prosper Firefighter Paramedics Timothy King and Mark Boatright were recognized for going above and beyond to save a patient’s life by representatives from Baylor Scott and White Medical Center in McKinney at the May 23, 2017, Prosper Town Council meeting.

Dr. Elizabeth Fagan from the McKinney Baylor Scott and White said the hospital have an EMS Partnership meeting once a month at the hospital and one of the highlights of the meeting is the hospital staff nominating an EMS crew they think went above and beyond what anyone would normally do.

“We have a crew here that did that,” Fagain said. “They ran up on a patient sitting on the floor who didn’t seem to have a whole lot of complaints, but they had a significant concern for how she had gotten there. They convinced her to wear a collar around her neck to protect herself, even though she wasn’t having pain. And because of that once we saw her we realized she actually had a broken neck and if they hadn’t taken all that care with her, she would’ve potentially had a much worse outcome. She is completely intact, and that is due to your Prosper Firefighter paramedics here.”

The nurses and doctors in the ER vote on the award. Firefighter Paramedic King said they took all precautions to prevent further injury throughout her care.

“She had a very serious neck injury, and Dr. Fagan described it as ‘One wrong move and she would be paralyzed from the neck down,’” he said. “The situation could have been a lot worse than it was. But we’re just doing our job. It’s humbling and it’s nice to be thanked every now and then because we don’t always get thanked for things we do, but when you do get thanked it makes you feel good.”

Firefighter Paramedic Boatright added that the support they get when doing their jobs is tremendous.

“I think it was nice,” Boatright said. “We have a lot of support here in Prosper from not only the citizens but from the Town Council, and everybody in the town. It meant a lot to me that they wanted us to come receive the award in front of the Town Council and all those people. I enjoyed it.”

King agreed that they have a lot of support from the community.

“They have our backs,” he said said.