Two accidents occurred involving bike riders and vehicles at Coit Road and La Cima Boulevard towards the end of the school year near Rogers Middle School. Both children that were involved are healing and the school district has voiced its gratitude that a more serious incident has not occurred. In order to improve the safety at these locations, the city of Prosper has conducted a traffic study and implemented several improvements to prevent incidents like these in the future.

“We appreciate the Town of Prosper conducting the safety study on Coit and we support their efforts to determine what is best for the Town,” Christal Hankey, PISD communications specialist, said in an email.

The Prosper Police Department provided no comment when asked about details regarding the traffic incidents.

The Town has completed a speed study for La Cima, for which the Town Council will consider an ordinance to reduce the speed limit from 45 mph to 40 mph. Additionally, two new crosswalks have been striped. A new crosswalk is located across the entrance to the Orion apartment complex, as well as across Meadowbrook Boulevard on the east side of Coit Road.

Another safety improvement for Coit Road includes the removal of the gate preventing the use of the footbridge. The footbridge is located on Coit, north of the Orion apartment complex, and will now allow for full access to the concrete sidewalk.

The Town Council is also preparing to consider the extension of the time for the flashing school zone on La Cima. This would be due to the different school times and will be discussed over the summer. The PISD crossing guard would remain later and new time plates would be added to the signs including the new times, if approved.

“The Town has moved forward quickly with improvements and will continue to work over the summer to make additional final improvements prior to the start of the upcoming school year,” Prosper Executive Director of Development and Community Services Hulon Webb said. “These improvements, along with discussions this summer with the PISD on possible time extension of a school crossing guard on La Cima Boulevard, are all aimed at improving the overall safety for all residents.”

Additional safety precautions will be considered this summer to address citizen concerns and provide the highest level of safety possible for all students, bicyclists and pedestrians. Lee Engineering will work to determine whether there is a need to extend the school zone on Coit and if the southern end can be reduced since there is no residential area South of Rogers. Lee Engineering will also analyze the need for stop signs on Coit at the mid-block crosswalk. These studies are set to be completed by the end of June.

The final safety precaution on the infrastructure improvements list, at this time, is the building of a connector sidewalk on the west side of Coit. Instead of the current sidewalk through the apartment complex, the connector sidewalk will be constructed by the end of the summer. Town of Prosper officials said the city is committed to continuing to provide a safe environment despite the challenges of a rapidly growing community.