A new face will be added to the Prosper Independent School District police force, only it will look a little furrier than other police force members. At the May 15 Prosper ISD board of trustees meeting, the board unanimously approved the purchase of a drug dog to serve the school district.

“PISD has been contracting with outside agencies for years providing drug dog searches; however, the availability has been inconsistent with our needs,” Superintendent Drew Watkins said via email. “Having our own dog will allow us to have more of a deterring presence throughout our district with regard to drug possession on campus.”

At the meeting, Watkins pointed out that these dogs are not allowed to sniff students and staff.

“They can sniff everything else, they just can’t sniff people,” Watkins said. “Lockers, backpacks, belongings, but not people.”

There was no mention of whether the purchase of the dog was sparked by a particular incident at any of the district’s campuses. Watkins said the dog further illustrates the district’s no-tolerance policy regarding drugs.

“We are going to continue to do everything at our disposal to keep drugs off our campuses,” Watkins said in his email.

He also said most school districts already use drug dogs and contract out for them similarly to how Prosper ISD operates.

At the meeting, board member Mary Lou Smith asked who would keep the dog, to which Watkins replied that officer Patrick Turner with the Prosper ISD Police Department will partner with the dog.

“Patrick is an alternate at the high school, he’ll have the dog and the dog will live with him and it will go through training this summer, and get ready,” Watkins said.

He said the dog, named Kaz, already looks to be obedient.

“As mentioned before, we are extremely fortunate to have amazing students,” Watkins said in an email. “We want to make sure that we protect our school environment in every possible way so that our students enjoy the best experience.”

The board also approved the purchase of an additional police vehicle in addition to the drug dog. The combined cost for the two is approximately $80,000.