WAXAHACHIE — During the 2017 Southern Star District Friends of Scouting Social, Dr. David Linguist was honored with the district's Values of Scouting Award. This is the second year the award has been given to an individual who exemplifies the values of scouting to the district’s Scouts and volunteer leaders.

Introducing Linguist was Chris Autry, Scoutmaster of Troop 232.

“The Values of Scouting has been a guide for David and his family. His service to the community over the years has improved lives and changed hearts in Ellis County. David has supported the Scouting in the Southern Star District and is a true friend of scouting,” Autry said.

Presenting the award was Southern Star District Chairman Tom Caldwell and Autry.

After accepting his award, Linguist said, “When I first heard of this honor, I was humbled but also hesitant to feel I was the right person for this award, as I know many others who certainly do more for scouts and represent their ideas. But as I thought about the name of the award, the values of scouting, I realized that — although I can think of many others that fulfill these values more consistently than I do — I can certainly say I do feel that the things listed in the Scout law and oath are certainly goals that I wholeheartedly believe in and try to follow.”

“So I accept this honor with thankfulness to those who organized it," Linguist added. "Thankfulness to those who have given their time to be here, and thankful for the vision we hold as important, that anyone who strives to keep the values of scouting, of course, is keeping the values we all know are essential to a joy-filled life and a loving and just society. Thank you.”

Linguist and his wife, Peggy, have two sons, Connor, 18 and Sam, 15, who are both Eagle Scouts.

“I began volunteering in Scouting 11 years ago when my oldest joined," Linguist recollected. He added that, as a Scout volunteer, he remembered times helping to lead 20 15-year-old young men through two different two-week treks, hiking 65 miles up and down mountains carrying 60-pound backpacks through Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

In his opening comments for the meeting, Chapman told the attendees, “Your attendance here today is evidence of the commitment we share for our youth and the future of our community. Together we can guarantee our ability to deliver a quality Scouting program to our local youth.”

Caldwell told the audience, “In Circle Ten Council, we challenge ourselves to deliver the best Scouting program in the country. We work at it every day because the youth of our service area deserve it.

Caldwell went on to describe the area Circle Ten covers and where the Southern Star District fits in it.

“The Southern Star District of Circle Ten Council is one of 29 districts and serves all of Ellis County," he said. “846 young people participated in the district scouting programs in the district with 38 scouting units located in local community charter partners such as faith-based institutions, businesses, community organizations, offered an opportunity for youth to participate in scouting.”

Caldwell continued stating 16 men in our area were awarded the rank of Eagle in 2016 — the highest achievement in scouting.

Eagle Scout Sam Linguist of Troop 232 then told what the rank means to him.

“Scouting has been an important journey in my life. Starting in the fifth grade, to where I am now," Sam said. "Scouting has molded me into the person I am today. Without scouting, I would not have met many of my friends; what it takes to be a noble citizen or I would have never got to love the outdoors.”

Mike Ramsey then issued a challenge to the attendees to continue to support the Boy Scouts.

“When you join a scout troop and put on a Boy Scout uniform, you make a statement," Ramsey said. "Like every uniform, the scout uniform is a symbol of commitment. It is a symbol that you believe in high standards and that you are trying to live up to them every day.”

Ramsey went on to tell the cost to deliver the program averages $300 per scout.

“I know all of us want to ensure the success of scouting here is Waxahachie, Ellis County and the 23 counties that make up Circle Ten," he added.

At the end of the program, Chapman announced over $11,000 was raised from donations, which included a $1,500 check from Citizens National Bank.