The Town of Prosper voted Saturday on 10 proposed amendments to the town charter. Nine out of the 10 town propositions passed with the majority vote. The only proposition not to procure a majority vote was Proposition 2. This proposition was to repeal the limits on terms from the charter. It failed with 596 votes against and 107 votes for.

“The council unanimously recommended to put these amendments to the charter to a vote,” Town Manager Harlan Jefferson said. “We view the charter the way we view the constitution, as a way to determine the way we govern. We are happy that they have approved 9 of the propositions. This will allow us to act more efficiently. As for the one that wasn’t approved, the council really just wanted to get feedback on the term limitations from the residents. They really wanted the residents to decide.”

The propositions that were approved will allow the Town Council to make improvements to the current charter. They will be able to correct errors such as grammar and sentence structure and be reimbursed for reasonable expenses. Other improvements will clarify vacancy terms, candidate qualifications, procedure for taking office and other procedural tasks.

More details on the approved propositions can be found online at