Erath County Sheriff’s Deputies Kent Howell and David Southerland were honored Monday morning for their outstanding performance and possibly saving a man’s life.

On Easter Sunday, April 17, Howell and Southerland responded to a call from dispatch in reference to a 55-year-old male who was not breathing.

“(They) arrived on scene and performed CPR on the unresponsive male until Erath EMS arrived to take over,” Sheriff Matt Coates said.

The man was transported to Texas Health Hospital in Stephenville and later air-lifted to Fort Worth.

“Southerland and Howell showed compassion and concern for a citizen of Erath County in such a professional manner that it makes the community they serve and the Erath County Sheriff’s Office proud,” Coates said. “We can’t express enough gratitude for these guys in acting under an extremely stressful situation.”

Howell and Southerland both received certificates signed by Coates and Chief Deputy Heath Crossland and a round of applause from other employees at the sheriff’s office.

“Too often it goes unrecognized. Most of them will say it’s just part of the job, and yeah it is, but we live in an extraordinary world where things happen often and we’re proud of them,” Crossland said. “We truly appreciate them.”

Howell said a few words thanking everyone for the recognition.

“It is a group effort to do whatever we can to serve this community,” Howell said.