Prosper residents age 50 and over were invited to attend a special Mayor’s Coffee event on Friday, April 21 in the Municipal Chambers. The Mayor’s Coffee is an annual event in which the active adult community is invited to hear Prosper Mayor Ray Smith discuss the latest happenings around Prosper. This year’s event was full with 30 attendees and is quickly outgrowing the current space in the Municipal Chambers.

Coffee and breakfast were served buffet style to attendees who gathered to find out what the latest developments are within the city, as well as engage in fellowship with other active seniors. Prosper Recreation Services Coordinator Julie Shivers explained why the city hosts the event.

“It’s so that our active adults have an opportunity to meet with the mayor and stay up to date with what’s going on in the community,” Shivers said. “We do a coffee in the spring and a lunch in the fall.”

Many of the people in attendance look forward to the events each year to help keep them up to date with the growth of the town.

“We have been before so we can keep up with everything,” attendee Billie Harden said. “We try to be here to find out what’s going on in Prosper and what the future plans are. I’ve been in Prosper for four years, going on five in May. It’s gone from a little country town to a big city.”

Mary Brown, another active adult in attendance at the event, agreed.

“I like to find out what’s going on in Prosper,” Brown said. “Especially what’s being built, the schools, the businesses and what businesses are coming. I’ve been here 12 years. The meetings these days are a lot about business growth and housing development. We are really looking forward to the business growth.”

Dot McMillan, 87, is unable to drive often and therefore depends on these events to keep her up to date with what new shopping is in town.

“I wanted to come last year but I had a doctor’s appointment and didn’t get to come,” McMillan said. “I think we have a really good mayor and I enjoy hearing what he has to say. I like to know what’s going on in the town and keep up with the future and what’s coming. I don’t drive too much anymore but I’m looking forward to the new Walmart because I can drive that far. I have been here for 12 years, there were around 5,000 people when I moved here. The biggest change since I have been here has been the new Kroger. I look forward to the new stores that are coming like the Market Street. I would love to have a Sprouts also.”

As a local realtor, Linda Montgomery attends as many events as possible in order to keep up to date with the rapid growth of Prosper.

“I wanted to hear what they mayor had to say,” Montgomery said. “As a realtor, it’s important to know these kinds of things. Especially, business development and population growth. I like everything about what’s going on. Anything that he has to say will be valuable.”

Mayor Smith spent over an hour going over each of the new development projects going on around Prosper, answering questions from attendees as he went.

“Population-wise we’re probably over 20,000 now in 2017,” Smith explained to the room. “Young families are moving in and school systems are trying to keep up. We welcome them and we are also trying to keep up with parks because they all want to play soccer and T-ball. Our council is still trying to encourage larger lots because a lot of you moved here for that reason.”

The overwhelming message of the morning was that the city of Prosper is growing at a rapid pace but the City Council is dedicated to maintaining the quality of life Prosper residents have come to expect from their once rural town.