Sergeant Brian Golden was recently awarded the Lifesaving Award by Prosper Mayor Ray Smith and the Town Council. Sergeant Golden was given the award due to his quick and life saving actions when responding to a report of a disturbance possibly involving a weapon on March 18.

The incident occurred on the 300 block of N. Main. After arriving on the scene with other officers, they were unable to find the victim. Golden then located the victim a few streets over at West Sixth Street and Coleman. The victim indicated that he or she had been stabbed and there was a large amount of blood from the wound in his or her leg.

Sergeant Golden was able to call for EMS and apply a tourniquet to the victim’s left leg. This action and quick thinking foreseeably saved the victim’s life.

“He is a high quality police officer,” the Prosper mayor said. “He’s won awards in the past. Chief Kowalski hires top-notch guys. In regards to our residents, safety is one of our core values. This is a great example of how top notch our police and firefighters are.”