In an event honoring the school’s namesakes Jim and Betty Hughes, around 60 volunteers from Hughes Elementary School in Prosper helped perform yard work for elderly town residents on Saturday, April 22. One of the couple’s main missions in life was to help the elderly. Jim Hughes died in 2015, but his legacy lives on as his wife Betty and the students, staff and families of Hughes Elementary participate in this annual event.

The volunteers engaged in shrub trimming, lawn mowing, flower bed mulching, and the planting of annuals at 13 homes in Prosper. Each resident was able to pick which of the services they wished to have done for their home.

“Our secretary has a neighbor whose husband has had radiation,” Liz Arnold, art teacher for Hughes Elementary, said. “The wife also just had hip surgery. So theirs is one of the homes that we will be helping out at today.”

The 60 volunteers were comprised of 35 families who dedicated their Saturday morning to helping those in need. The youngest volunteer of the morning was four years old, and with the involvement of Betty Hughes, who is in her 80s, the group had a wide range of ages.

“It seemed like fun to hang out with people from school and my dad and to help others,” Hughes Elementary fifth grader Brooke Walpole said. “Two of my friends are out here helping this morning. I’m helping with mulch and shrubs. My favorite job is carrying the mulch.”

Homeowner Mary Kay McCullough explained how helpful the event was for her.

“They’re trimming the bushes for me and raking up the dead leaves and pulling up some weeds and putting down some mulch for me and they’re just doing a great job,” McCullough said. “I am very happy because I can’t do this all by myself. They got my information from the 5-0 club, the over 50 club in town. It’s wonderful, it’s going to look so much better when they finish. There’s a lot of helpers here.”

LMC Landcare owner Chase Cook donated all the flowers, mulch and soil that were used and his daughter Maddie attends kindergarten at Hughes. He, his wife Shelly and Maddie all participated in the event to help foster pride in the Prosper community.